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Tricycle Books’ debut book, “Firefly Lullaby,” earned a Kirkus Star, a symbol of exceptional quality and storytelling. This honor recognizes the inspiring world Karen Weiss has created with this colorful bedtime story.
Discover more within its pages!

“Firefly Lullaby” is also a soundscape recording available as an MP3.

Firefly Lullaby Children's book hardcover by Karen Weiss.
Firefly Lullaby Children’s book hardcover by Karen Weiss. A whimsical pink house under a starry sky in a forest sparkling with fireflies.

A beautiful book of nature, art, and poetry:
“Firefly Lullaby” by Karen Weiss

Firefly Lullaby MP3 by Karen Weiss, a peaceful soundscape.
Firefly Lullaby MP3 by Karen Weiss, a peaceful soundscape.

A one-hour Soundscape Recording of Nature Sounds, “Firefly Lullaby” is available as an MP3.

As you read “Firefly Lullaby” aloud to your little ones, let the gentle ribbits and chirps transport you to a world of wonder. The inspiring natural sounds are not only perfect for storytelling, but can be used during children’s creative playtime, or to create a soothing ambiance before going to sleep.

And it is not just for kids – grown-ups can also find solace in this beautiful hour-long recording. Whether it’s time for focused study, a relaxing yoga session, meditation, or unwinding after a long day, this MP3 complements all these moments, adding a touch of tranquility to your environment.

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